The Number One Hack To Giving Gifts Your Friends Will Love

The Number One Hack To Giving Gifts Your Friends Will Love

I spend a lot of time with my close friends and family throughout the year, as I'm sure you do too! They talk about what they want, what they need, what they're shopping for, new recipes they want to try, projects they're working on at home, etc.

So, when the holidays come around, why does it always feel like such a struggle finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list?!

I used to feel the exact same way, until one year I decided to get proactive about my holiday shopping.

I started by making a list for each person that I usually buy gifts for during the holidays. Parents, in-laws, my husband, best friends, and sisters: Each person got their own list. After that, each time I was with that person, I'd actively try and listen for gift ideas. Every potential idea went on that person’s list.

Your mother-in-law complains that her knives are getting dull, while you're helping her prep dinner one night? Put new knives on her list!

Your best friend compliments your boho clutch? She gets one of those on her list!

Your sister comments that she’s been traveling a ton for work lately? Throw a travel steamer on her list!

About 1-2 months before the holidays, I re-open those lists. I cross off anything that I know the person has since gotten, or that no longer applies. I try to do all of this on the earlier side so I can watch for and score a deal, and so I can group items to order from a few stores and get free shipping.

I then pick how much I want to spend and what gift(s) on each person’s list that I’m most excited to give them. Then, I order everything I need (and cross those items off each person’s list, too)! You’ll feel so great seeing how excited each person is about the extra thought that went in to their gift!

How do you prepare for your holiday shopping? What other gift-giving tips do you have? Share away in the comments below!

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