4 Easy Ways To Make More Money Off Of Your Shopping Addiction

4 Easy Ways To Make More Money Off Of Your Shopping Addiction

Let's face it, we all do a lot of shopping, especially with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holidays fast approaching! It's all fun and games until you check your bank account. Here are 4 simple ways to make more money off of your shopping addiction.

Tip #1: Always search for coupons.

With how quick and easy Google has made it for us to search for anything, it amazes me that my friends and family still don’t do this. This is absolutely the fastest and easiest way to save money on any purchase, any time. If you’re shopping in-store, try a search on your phone (e.g. “ULTA in-store coupon”), or on your computer before you complete a purchase online (e.g. “Buy Buy Baby coupon code” or “Best Buy free shipping”). Retailmenot is also a great resource for coupons, both online and in-store.

Tip #2: Collect cash back on all of your credit card transactions.

Open and use a credit card that gives you great cash back, and use it to earn the most cash back on every purchase! See my recommendations for selecting and using cash back credit cards here.

Tip #3: Email your receipts for extra credit.

Jet is the product of a former Amazon employee, with a similar product selection, focused on saving you more money with the more you buy. A major additional perk of jet is their Jet Anywhere portal, which allows you to forward your email receipts from other hundreds of top stores directly to jet, in exchange for a percentage of that purchase total back in ‘JetCash’, to be used like store credit on the Jet website!

Here’s an example:
You placed a clothing order with LOFT. After placing the order, you go to the Jet Anywhere portal and look for LOFT, and see that you’ll get 3.5% JetCash back. You forward your $137 LOFT email receipt to the Jet Anywhere email address: anywhere@jet.com, and $4.79 in Jet credit will appear in your account within the next few weeks!

One thing to note-- make sure that the email address that you use to create your Jet account is the same that your other online receipts are sent to!

Tip #4: Earn airline miles for eating out.

By far the easiest tip on this list is to earn airline miles for every dollar you spend on your credit card at local bars and restaurants. It amazes me how few of my friends know that these sites exist!

All you need to do is:

1. Go to the Dining Rewards site for your favorite airline (you can only have your credit card stored on one at a time)
2. Log in with your usual login for that airline rewards program
3. Enter your credit card information where prompted.

You will never be charged by the Dining Rewards site, but any time a charge goes through on your credit card at one of the hundreds, if not thousands, partner restaurants or bars around you, you’ll receive a percentage of what you spent in additional airline miles added to your rewards account. The more you eat out, the more miles you earn, which can be used toward your next free flight reward ticket!

Top Airlines with Dining Rewards:

What are your best tips and tricks for saving money, or earning it back, when you shop? Share them and read about others in the comments below!

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